Transporting Your Tree Safely

With the holiday season in full force, you will surely see many trees tied to the top of cars. While many vehicles can handle a tree, some drivers may find themselves in a dangerous situation, so make sure your car is equipped to handle your holiday cargo by following some simple tips:

  • Get your Christmas tree netted to help eliminate debris flying off your car and preserve the plant.
  • Pick a tree that will fit safely in your cargo area or on your roof rack. Don’t hesitate to borrow a more durable car from a friend.
  • Protect your car from getting needle scratches by placing a tarp or blanket underneath your tree.
  • Drive slowly and carefully. Once you know your tree is secure, try and avoid highways and stick to local road to ensure a safe commute.

Click here for more information about purchasing a tree in Newtown Square.  Comments suggest supporting non-profits, like Newtown Square Fire Company.

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