The Most Common Reasons Vehicles Get Towed

bob and joes towingIn all our decades of serving our community, we’ve become acquainted with the many reasons why a vehicle may require a tow.

Typically, there are two catalysts for towing a vehicle, and unfortunately, both tend to be stressful. Either someone calls a tow truck to remove a vehicle from a place where it isn’t supposed to be, or someone calls a tow truck to transport the car that is currently undrivable.

Reasons Your Car Can be Towed from Public Property

If your car is parked on public property, it can be towed if it meets certain criteria. These include:

  • The car is a traffic hazard, like if it blocks an intersection or lane, or impedes the flow of traffic in any manner.
  • If it’s parked in a publicly owned or controlled parking facility, and the driver has left the car there while they do an activity besides what the lot is intended for.
    • In this case, your car can be towed at any time by a public official of the location.
    • Only a public or law enforcement official can make the call to impound a vehicle.

Reasons Your Car Can be Towed From Private Property

If your car is parked on a residential property, it can be towed at any time if proper signage is posted. There are several requirements for the sign, including that it’s near the entrance of the lot and in a clear and visible area.

If your car is parked on a private, non-residential property that does not have a sign, it can be towed for any reason if the car has been parked there for 24 hours or more.

Reasons You May Need to Call a Tow Truck

Sometimes, a tow truck isn’t an unfortunate consequence of missing signage, but it’s actually just what you need.

We always love to rescue drivers who are caught in situations like:

  • An accident: Oftentimes, an accident makes your car undrivable. Sometimes it’s obvious that you won’t be able to drive, but better safe than sorry. When in doubt, call a tow truck. And when you bring your car in for repairs, our collision services are always an option.
  • Running out of gas: It happens to every driver at least once!
  • Overheating: This can happen unexpectedly. If you think your car is overheated, you should go to the mechanic ASAP. And obviously, you shouldn’t drive there.
  • When your car won’t start: Usually, this is due to a dead battery. A tow truck has the tools to jumpstart your car for you or if it turns out that isn’t the issue, they can take your car to the mechanic for further diagnosis and repairs.

Remember, the Choice is Yours

If your insurance company covers towing, you can choose to get a tow from any company you choose yourself. Most insurance companies have a preferred towing company they partner with, but you are not required to use their services.