Had my car repaired here and it was an amazing experience. Super helpful employees, felt comfortable to ask any questions, and was communicated with thru the whole process! I would recommend them to anyone who needs work done on their car!

-Tyler Garthwaite

18:22 09/07/23

I highly recommend Direct Paint & Collision. They made the whole process much better than I expected. The turn around time was quick and most importantly...

-Edwin H.

09:27 08/23/23

I was directed to Direct Paint and Collision by Geico my insurance company. Direct Paint was able to assess the damages for Geico and provide a reasonable time-frame for the repair. They did a great job, the car looked great upon return. I was met by the rental car company at the shop and left the rental there when I picked up my car. The whole process was amazingly seamless. I highly recommend.

-Joseph Condello

19:21 07/31/23

I was directed to go to Direct Paint and Collision after an accident last month by my insurance. My front bumper was taken clean off. This shop kept me up...

-Caroline C.

08:43 05/26/23

I am so impressed!! I've sadly had to use a couple different repair shops over the years - these folks are awesome. Our repair was ready a week early, they...

-D G.

18:48 05/24/23

For the second time in eight months, my nearly new Honda CRV was hit by a distracted driver. And for the second time in eight months, Direct Paint came to the rescue. Ian was kind and courteous, gave me priority service in a timely manner and kept me informed along the way.

-Ann O'Donnell

01:58 03/22/23

I chose Direct Paint and Collision because of five star reputation. Great team and impressive facility. 100%.

-mark spirito

07:21 02/22/23

Had my car repaired and they even fixed a small dent the size of a baseball on the other side that is not related! I could not believe they fixed it for me for free. I was asking different shops and one in Manayunk quoted $2700 for paint over, $5000 for replacing the panel (panel over front wheel).I think the owner is genuinely kind and not out there to charge anything more than what it really costs. My impression is that the business is honest and ethical. Strongly recommend! Picture of the dent that I am referring to. My car looks brand new 🙂

-Ji Y Shin

00:52 01/13/23

My mom's car looks immaculate!! This service was amazing and efficient!! This is the only place to go for repairs!!!

-Mignon D.

11:20 12/27/22

Crashed my WRX and within two weeks my car was like new, seriously nothing I could even try to complain about. Not only was the work absolutely perfect, but they kept in great communication with all updates. They were able to take care of everything needed with insurance to insure the whole process was smooth sailing. They even detailed the car. Would 10/10 recommend!!!!!!!


14:50 11/07/22

A few weeks ago, the rear of my car was badly smashed when someone rear ended me when I was at a red light. I am glad I didn't work with the company the insurance recommended. The other body shop did not have good reviews and I didn't feel comfortable trusting them. I had heard good things about Direct Paint, so I took my car there instead. I worked with Keith during the process, and he was very responsive to my calls and concerns. The car was ready in just over 1 week, which was faster than I was expecting. Plus, they thoroughly cleaned my car! An all-around great experience.

-Hannah E. Wolfe

23:07 10/18/22

I feel so fortunate to live a short walk from this place. Great customer service and also great work--my car looks better now than it did when it went into the shop! The employees have a great sense of humor and even took the time to give me recommendations for local mechanics when I asked. Thanks, Direct Paint and Collision!

-Megan T

17:41 10/17/22

10/10 Recommend! My Jeep was fixed within a timely manner and looks like the damage was never there.The staff were so helpful and made answered all my questions. Thank you so much for everything!

-Caitlin Bond

01:47 09/03/22

Very satisfied with the service! I took my car here after an accident. Also the team was able to send over a copy of my registration after I lost it in my...

-Leontyne W.

07:32 08/27/22

I got hit while I was parked and fixed everything through insurance. Direct paint & collision was a top option through geico. I can confirm that they returned my car back better than before! It felt like I was driving a brand new car. The repairs and paint were perfect. Everything was completed in a timely manner. They even washed and waxed the exterior, and vacuumed the entire interior. It felt like I also paid for detailing! They were very accommodating for after hours pickup. Overall, I would use them again for any autobody needs.

-rachel graham

21:25 08/17/22

After being rear-ended, Geico sent me to Direct Paint & Collision. Very happy with the whole process. The staff were very easy to work with, totally transparent through the whole process, and completed the work on-time. I would definitely recommend them to friends.

-Matthew Cohen (US)

17:33 07/29/22

Direct Paint was very professional and friendly. They explained everything required clearly and completed the repairs substantially faster than promised. They used OEM parts for the repair of my BMW and vacuumed the interior before return. I would definitely use them again.

-Walter M

12:41 07/29/22

These guys have taken impeccable care of my Charger. Ian handily sources well-priced, local parts, even when the supply chain makes this difficult. I'm also very satisfied with the quality of paint matching. But more than anything, it's the quality service and communication that makes me a dedicated customer. I won't go anywhere else.

-Jackson Hart

23:56 07/22/22

Had a sizable scrape on the rear bumper, while the car, a 2015 Acura TLX-SHAWD, has a unique deep red metallic flecked paint that's really hard to match. Direct Paint & Collision did a super excellent job in getting color matched and the bumper cover repainted perfectly. Getting the job done was a very good experience, they were extremely thorough and detailed in their estimate, accurate for timing to get it done, and did a super job communicating job status all the way through! I highly recommend them.

-Bob McAlaine

16:45 07/08/22

They did a amazing job getting a scratch out of my 2022 at4 canyon . I recommend this shop to anyone who needs body work or mechanic work done

-Anthony Kelly

19:39 05/23/22

I'm still in the process of working with them, but so far it's been a good experience, at a bad time. My son's vehicle was totaled, and towed there. I went there for my son to empty out his car. The person that was helping us was great. Very polite and informative. He answered all of my (mom) questions, and gave me a general explanation of the process we would be going thru. So, so far my experience with them has been all good. Once I'm completely done dealing with this aspect, I'll update my review and get the name of the man I've been dealing with. He's been great, and as I said, very helpful and informative.

-Tamara Pride

08:22 04/27/22

Highly recommend these guys. They were transparent from the start with what the possible timeline could be. Luckily parts were available and got my vehicle back in 2 weeks.

-Joe Mammana

17:18 03/21/22

They were very helpful and upfront with the best and worst case timing for parts. Repair was quick and quality.

-justin debenedetto

07:45 02/07/22

First time having to get a car repaired because of an accident and so happy I picked here. It was a fully transparent and easy process from start to finish. Plus they worked quickly w/ car insurance and rental car picked me up. I had an issue with an oem part that was replaced with zero hassle and fast. Friendly and fun staff made a first time accident experience a lot less upsetting. Highly recommend!

-Erica Vasquez

15:02 01/21/22

Your friendly neighborhood shopTakes time with you to get the paperwork done

-Stephen Angelo

01:51 01/20/22

I got into an accident a few weeks ago and got my car towed to Direct Paint & Collision. They went above and beyond to fix up my car and make it look brand...

-Aaron M.

10:09 11/15/21

I took my car there for bumper repair. they did a great job and fixed it without having to replace the bumper as two other places said it couldn’t be done . I highly reccomend them.

-Steven Schutzbank

21:56 10/27/21

I had the pleasure of doing business with Direct Paint and Collision after an incident that occured with my car. They do business with Geico as an authorized repair center, so the process that they follow is very organized and streamlined in terms of handling the Geico claims and repair process.You have the option of picking up a rental car at the facility after you drop off your car for the repairs to be done. The adjustor and the shop was extremely communicative throughout the repair process and they always kept in touch via email (which was my preferred method of communication).They did an excellent job on my damage repair to the point where it looks brand new. I highly recommend this place and can attest to their quality of work.

-Erkan Tuna

15:03 08/25/21

Great service! Branko was fantastic and very professional. I took my car in for a paint job and turned out great. I highly recommend for everyone


20:46 08/16/21

These guy's are so freaking fantastic, I got my car back like it rolled off the dealership floor!!!

-Gurpreet Parmar

18:46 07/30/21

Have been using Direct Paint and Collision for many years and have never been disappointed in there work. The car always looked like new when the job was finished. The work was always completed on time.Irv Ross

-Irwin Ross

11:08 07/23/21

Direct Paint and Collision is fantastic! I brought my car to them after hitting a deer- there was a lot of damage and the car looks brand new. My insurance company was holding up the process and they did a great job communicating with the insurance and getting the project underway. Not only was the repair work great, but the inside of my car was so clean.I have a dog that loves to ride in the car, but she sheds like crazy. I had basically given up on getting her hair out of my cloth seats. When I got the car back, you couldn't even tell that I have a dog! Cannot recommend Direct Paint and Collision more!

-Kerry McCans

18:24 07/13/21

I cannot say enough great things about Direct Paint & Collision. This was my first time using their auto body shop and I would recommend them to anyone! Their excellent communication and customer service made the process easy for me. I don’t know much about cars, but they went as far as to print out diagrams of the vehicle parts to explain to me what needed to be done. My car looks brand new and I am so happy to have found them!


22:55 06/09/21

I took my car to Direct Paint & Collision a few weeks ago after getting into a fender bender. When I went to drop off my car to get the doors replaced, I...

-Gabrielle P.

18:28 06/05/21

I came to Direct Paint and Collision to have some pretty deep scratches and damage to my door fixed. The rate was the best one out of the 3 shops I went to, and the staff was helpful and kind. Addaie was very knowledgeable and broke down the quote for me to understand. After the work on my car was done, it looked good as new! Overall my experience was very positive and I would strongly recommend Direct Paint and Collision to anyone in the Philadelphia area!

-Leanne Robinson

15:17 06/05/21

I would highly recommend Direct Paint & Collision, Inc. Tom could not have been any nicer. The after market running boards on My Grand Cherokee had to be replaced. Tom had to hunt down the manufacturer, and kept me informed the whole time. In fact, the new running boards that were put on are nicer then the ones that were on there. My Jeep was also done a lot faster then the original estimate. When I went to pick it up it looked like the day I saw it in the showroom! Great experience all around.

-Mary Lyons

18:52 06/02/21

I dropped my car off on a Monday and picked it up on Friday. My car looks brand new, customer service was excited and friendly. I would highly recommend this auto shop to anyone.

-Ciera Brown

17:12 05/01/21

First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Addaie K for his outstanding car repair services (Awesome Vehicle Service Repair Representative!) as he knows his craft very well, top notch professionalism and makes you feel at ease while repairing your baby( 2017 Honda Accord 🙂). Much Appreciated!Secondly, I would definitely like to thank all hands involved. My car concerns look like new....like it was never side swiped....Thank you!!Finally, Direct Paint & Collision is the vehicle service place you want to use as you won't have to second guess...Professional, Great Service and Reasonable.Thank you again, Addaie and staff. You have my vote🙂!!Regards,CJO

-carrie oberry

22:38 03/24/21

Jay came to Philly for a tow and quickly figured out a way to get our SUV out of a parking garage and on to the truck. He made contact with the car dealership to help expedite an easy repair on our car and get us back rolling without having to leave the car overnight. Good knowledge of general problem solving and great customer service with a smile. Jay's a good guy! Keep him on the road for us all owning SUV's that inevitably succumb to modern automotive technology.

-William Pezzello

19:08 02/16/21

Excellent! The guys kept me informed as to what was going on with my car. Super friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend!

-Jennifer Bintliff Truax

16:35 01/02/21

What a great experience I had with Direct Paint and Collision from start to finish. Every person I dealt with was helpful, friendly and honest. And the car looks amazing. Better than it has in a long time. The work was also completed much faster than I thought it would take. No one wants to be in an accident and have to deal with all the stuff that goes along with it, but they made the process super easy.

-Michele Hall

18:29 12/31/20

Oh my gosh I can’t even put in words how incredible this place is. Tom was the best person to work with and was so helpful. My car looks brand new after extensive damage from a car accident. They took their time and fixed every dent and scratch they could find. It looks like the first day I got it. They even detailed the inside as well. I could go on about how amazing this place is. The whole ordeal from the accident was the worst but Tom and everyone at Direct Collision were the only consistent and reliable part during the whole process. I recommend this place to everyone. Amazing job!!!!!! Thank you thank you!

-Nikki Whitney

21:12 10/23/20

Oh my gosh I can’t even put in words how incredible this place is. Tom was the best person to work with and was so helpful. My car looks brand new after extensive damage from a car accident. They took their time and fixed every dent and scratch they could find. It looks like the first day I got it. They even detailed the inside as well. I could go on about how amazing this place is. The whole ordeal from the accident was the worst but Tom and everyone at Direct Collision were the only consistent and reliable part during the whole process. I recommend this place to everyone. Amazing job!!!!!! Thank you thank you!

-Nicole Whitney

21:10 10/23/20

Hands down the best auto body/ experience you can get. Given how much it costs, I’m incredibly particular with my vehicle and notice every little detail (good or bad). I was rear ended and after examination would require 98 total parts to fix. Direct Paint & Collision did the estimate, the replacement parts, repairs, painting, diagnostic testing, everything needed to restore it to original condition.They ordered all OEM parts, refused any parts that were shipped from manufacturer and weren’t correct to the cars VIN (super important they won’t just slap on any part that comes), communicated with me DAILY on updates and status. Most importantly, they answered all my many questions (which also came daily) and made me feel comfortable / positive about a very negative situation (car accident).Everyone at Direct Paint is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. My car is a brand new 2020 Mercedes and what I would consider a complex vehicle given the many (although unnecessary) amount of parts for simple things like a bumper. With that being said, these guys took care of it with no problem and the car literally looks better than before the accident.They detailed, washed, buffed, and cleaned the entire inside/outside of vehicle as well. Total estimation for completion was 3 weeks and they did it less than 2. I would highly recommend considering these guys if you have the option.

-Ryan Young

08:54 10/19/20

A huge thank you to everyone here who went above and beyond to make sure my car came home looking better then ever! From having 2 separate claims in for the front and the back I pretty much lost hope. I was accommodated with a rental car, and it was a super simple drop of and pick up which left me with no worries in between. Tom was great! Very friendly, gave me advice, and made me feel assured that my car was in good hands. I was not dissapointed! Just wanted to show off all their hard work!!!

-Brittany Gillespie

23:27 08/28/20

Direct Collision handled the repairs done to my car after an accident. I got my car back looking even better then it did before the accident! I experienced great customer service thanks to Tom! I highly recommend this shop for amazing customer service and body work for your car!

-Lauren Firman

17:40 06/23/20

This is one recommendation that was a must for me. Very friendly and accommodating to my needs. The amount of detailing they went into fixing my car was most impressive. I highly recommend this business to fix your car.

-Daniel Corrigan

19:51 05/06/20

I had some serious damage to my hood from a falling tree branch. Tom was quick to inspect the car in-person and conduct a thorough review with me and the best recommendation before any repairs were OK’d. They were able to order a new hood, paint & install the new hood, all within 48 hours. The team also took the liberty to check the car for any other damage beyond the initial hood damage and found another dent around the door frame which was totally repaired without a trace. The value of the labor & parts were very fair. Highly recommend this location for professionalism and punctuality. Also - they work closely with Geico insurance which Tom & Co. handled seamlessly.

-Jesse Conlan

00:06 04/04/20

Towing service was fast, Joe was meticulous, and the car was towed to the dealer without incident. Would hire Bob & Joes anytime.

-Howard Burde

01:44 02/03/20

Can't say enough great things about Direct Paint & Collision. BY FAR the friendliest and most attentive Auto Body I've ever dealt with. Honest, in touch, and incredible work from start to finish. Vehicle was pretty banged up, and with terrible timing during the holidays. Was in contact with several of the staff, and all were incredibly kind and helpful. Handled my situation with incredible care, and attention to detail. Best of all, vehicle came out of the shop looking brand new. Won't ever look for another shop while in Philly - DP & C is the best in the business!!!

-Alex Marinelli

05:07 01/04/20

So glad I brought my jeep here! I am very impressed with their high quality workmanship,, 6 Stars!

-Matthew Risi

00:49 12/07/19

Keith helped us with a tricky body repair on our new Subaru and we are astounded by the quality of the work and the amazing job by the tech for a very reasonable price.

-Jerrod Romano

21:29 08/15/19

I couldn't be happier with the service and attention I received as a walk-in, out of town customer. After I explained my problem, Keith immediately went out to take a look. I could not believe that he went right to work to repair my driver side door alignment problem. In less than one hour after arriving my car was fixed and I was on my way. Wish I could give 10 stars.

-John Staiber

19:33 07/31/19

Exceptional Service! Exceptional Work! Exceptional Detailing. Reasonable prices. We couldn't ask for more. We have used Direct Paint several times over the years and have always received top notch service. I would never go anywhere else. Most recently dopey me went over too big of a curb and ripped my front bumper which was flapping in the wind as I was trying to drive home. I didn't know what to do so went to Direct Paint. They assisted me immediately and I had my car back within an hour. They were there for me when I needed it. I couldn't ask for more. We trust Direct Paint and Collision completely. They are totally first rate!!!! Thank you for all your work and always taking care of us!

-Tricia Clancey Klem

11:31 05/14/19

Exceptional Service! Exceptional Work! This is the only place we take our cars in the event of an accident or fender bender. Direct Paint and Collision provides the best service at the most reasonable price. My car looked better than new after it was serviced for an accident. I had just purchased the car two weeks prior when someone ran into me. As always, Direct Paint went above and beyond our expectations. Couldn't ask for better service!


21:01 05/13/19

I just picked my car up from being fix and it looks brand new! They even detailed inside and outside! You guys are the best and I’ll be coming back to you guys if I ever need body work done! Thank you so much for fixing my 2018 Sentra!

-Christina Windhorst

18:08 04/16/19

A freak accident on black ice landed my son’s car off the side of the road in a gully. Fortunately, no injuries, but car needed a winch to get it out and a tow truck. The next day, the car was towed to Direct Collision, and after reviewing the damage, we were told what was needed and that parts would be ordered as soon aspossible. The car was repaired before the end of the next week and it looks fantastic. Service reps at Direct Collision are friendly, honest and very efficient. I wouldn’t take our cars anywhere else. In fact, this is our second repair at Direct Collision (different car). Great work, guys!

-Bonnie Schulman

23:57 02/21/19

they were very nice and went the xtra mile cleaned and detailed my car after doing all the body work thanks keith!

-Kim Mebs

23:19 01/16/19

This is the second time I have had work done here. This time I was hanging an aftermarket hood painted and installed on my car. The crew here does awesome work and are great people to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great body shop to have work done. I have some more things planned for my car and I will definitely be bringing my business here again.

-Tom O'Donnell

15:55 12/02/18

Not only was my car done sooner than expected Direct Collision took the time to wash and detail it. Looks brand new! So pleased!! Thank you!!!!

-Angela D'Emilio Urso

13:21 10/24/18

I’ll never take my car anywhere else! These guys were amazing. Greg was a pleasure to with work and made my car look brand new. I would absolutely recommend Direct Paint and Collision every time.

-Jill Harding

12:59 09/18/18

I wouldn't go any where else to have work done on my car.
They are the BEST.

-Barbara Ann Cicerini Jackson

15:23 08/10/18

Thank you Direct Paint & Collision. I am very pleased with your work. You guys went above and beyond to meet my needs (from no charge rental car, well done repair, clean car inside and out to deductable). Terrance, you have been very helpful and kind from day one, going out of your way to look for the person who hit my car and gave police the wrong information. I will definitely recommend you. Once again thank you!!!

-Nathalie Nathaniels

19:52 08/07/18

I purchased an aftermarket front end for my car and they did a fantastic job in transforming the look of my car. I will deffitnetly be going back with other future plans.

-Tom O'Donnell

00:00 07/28/18

Direct Paint and Collision went above and beyond expectations when I got front end damage repaired on my 2016 Honda HRV. They are a service oriented company! I was able to rent a car without going to the rental agency. The car was brought to me! The car repair/detail was finished before expected and was detailed beyond my expectations! The car was also cleaned inside and out….my car looked like new when completed! The employees were very friendly and helpful from beginning to end. I highly recommend Direct Paint and Collision!

-rebecca spivack

11:34 07/26/18

My car was towed to Direct Paint and Collision after an accident on 476. What was an extremely stressful situation was handled so well by the staff there. My insurance company was there within an hour to work with the guys and get me an estimate. I used one of their rental cars, creating a one-stop-shopping experience which meant I didn't have to run around getting everything done. My car was completed exactly when they said it would be, and when I picked it up, it was amazing! It looks like a brand new car!! They even detailed the INSIDE of my car. Truly a wonderful experience from something that could have been awful. Thanks Direct Paint and Collision! I'd definitely recommend them - but I hope never to have to go back 😉

-Judy Schalcher Torchiana

16:12 05/14/18

I've had work done twice at Direct, for a rear-end collision and most recently a fender bender. In both cases, the work was excellent and restored my car to its original specs. Service is awesome! The team was friendly and efficient. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

-Robert Fairman

12:19 04/05/18

These guys are honest, expert and totally hands-on. I went to three places for a quote to fix the many scratches I had accidentally put on my own car during the snow storms. Other places told me the entire car would have to be re-painted. Some said it would take 3 days TO GET AN ESTIMATE! However, these guys gave me a quote on the spot and figured out a way to repair EVERYTHING at 1/4 the cost of the other shops. The work was done in one day and the car looks brand new! They know what they're doing. My husband is SO relieved and happy. THANK YOU, Direct Paint and Collision.

-Catherine Bayer

21:54 03/23/18

Direct paint a collision has worked on my 2011 Hyundai Accent twice and it is essentially a brand new car. They even offer a $100 off your insurance deductible.

-Kenneth Brown

17:45 12/30/17

My car had damage to the front bumper, grill and side frame and both doors. When I received my revived car, it looked new! I feel as though I just drove the car off of the showroom floor. The color was well matched; couldn't tell where new paint was compared to the rest of the car. Excellent work!

-Gail Kaempf

12:53 09/22/17

I have gone to Direct Paint and Collision for years. People tend to hit my car. A lot. They are always understanding and work with you!

-Lael Ravenscroft

03:17 06/14/17

Been in business for almost 40 years. Family owned and operated with a customer service experience personalized to every customers need. In a wreck, Call Direct!!!

-mickey mardinly

21:04 05/25/17

Great service from day 1, receptionist was helpful and friendly. I wanna say Greg your the best my car looks splendid. After it was hit I wanted to get rid of it. After seeing the work you done I'm in love with my car again. Thanks for all your help.

-Shawn Driggins

21:53 04/04/17

Neighbor backed out of his driveway into my car. Direct Paint and Collision took care of everything - estimate, rental while my car was being worked on, etc. Got my car back in pristine condition, on time, no hassles, no fuss. Best body shop experience I've ever had.

-Marcus Besser

17:25 03/06/17

Direct Paint and Collision did a great job fixing damage to my truck. When they were finished, it looked brand new and was spotless inside and out.

-Brendan Bell

19:02 02/24/17

5 stars is not enough...my Pathfinder looks better than it did before my accident...they washed it inside and outside...they took very good care of me when the insurance companies on both sides gave me the run around..Cheryl your the bomb..thank you very much!

-Tony T-Wiz Walker

00:43 01/10/17

It was such a pleasure to do business with everyone at Direct Paint and Collision. When the rental car they gave me failed to start one morning, they delivered another car within 30 minutes! I wasn't even late for work! They did a great job on the car, but I expected that. It was their friendliness and great customer service that I will always remember. I highly recommend this business to anyone in need of collision repairs.

-Jean Brooks

19:38 12/29/16

I was hit by a deer on Rt. 1 South in Glen Mills, PA right near the big Wawa gas station and the Glen Mills Assisted Living facility a few weeks back in 11/16 on my way to work in busy, rush hour a. m. traffic!! A very shocking, upsetting experience!!! My car door couldn't be opened. My mirror was hanging off. My insurance co. chose Direct Paint and Collision in Havertown. I'm so glad they did so!!! Employee Greg was so nice to me from the moment I talked to him that day soon after the deer hit me and throughout the time they had my car. Greg was polite, professional and helpful!!! There is a woman who works there - I met her twice - and she was very friendly, too!! They did a great job on my car - the car looks so shiny - they must have washed and waxed the car - it looked beautiful when they were done!! Thank you to the person who washed/waxed my car, too!! My 1999 Ford Taurus's headlights were covered in that film that causes your headlights to be dim. Direct Paint and Collision cleaned them up for me and they are now crystal clear and I can see so much better at night with brighter headlights/high beams now!! Also, Greg told me that my one front left tire was extremely dry rotted - he had that tire replaced - he said he couldn't have me driving away with that bad tire!!! I thanked him for saving my life with that repair!!! I really appreciated that!!! My driver's side rear door was kind of hard to open before the deer accident. Now, it's easy to open!! Whatever Direct Paint and Collision did, thank you!! Thank you to everyone at Direct Paint and Collision in Havertown - nice Greg, the nice woman you work with, the guys who did the actual body work and the person who washed/possibly waxed my car!!! I would recommend you to everyone!!!Heidi Dati of Broomall, PA - 12/7/16

-Heidi D.

15:26 12/07/16

My car was hit on the rear bumper and rear quarter panel, and 1st time ever to the shop, found it on google maps. Talked to Tom, he is wonderful and was so helpful with the process. Even gave me a loaner for the week, Car looks flawless and Tom even went the extra mile to fix some rock chips I had in the front. Highly recommended to anyone! Great shop and honest people.

-Max Weng

21:21 09/16/16

A single stop for all your collision needs. Towing, rental, and repair. My 2011 Chevy Equinox was repaired within two weeks. Looks brand new!! The service received takes the stress out of the entire process. Thanks!

-Larry Fadgen

14:21 08/31/16

They do great work and always take care of their customers! Honest and reliable.

-Kourtney McClintock

23:39 06/02/16

I was rear-ended on I-95 in stop and go traffic, the entire bumper was pushed up under the car damaging the muffler and trunk compartment as well as my tail lights. I've used Direct Paint for 10 years on my leased and owned cars so I took it to them, dropped it off and they offered me a rental on the spot. They stayed in touch every step of the way and handled communication with the insurance so I didn't have to. I love these guys, Tom you're the best! The car looks as good as the day I drove it off the dealer lot!

-Martin Crowley

13:19 04/22/16

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