How to Get Sand Out of Your Car

Sandy beachWhen most of us think of bringing back a souvenir from the beach, sandy floor mats aren’t what we have in mind.

But sandy shoes, towels, and feet can leave your car’s interior looking a little worse for wear. When you return from your ocean getaway, you’re faced with the task of removing sand from your car.

Luckily, Direct Paint has put together this list of helpful methods for cleaning out your car, so the sand can return to the outside of your car where it belongs.

Tips for Removing Sand From Your Vehicle

  1. Move Quickly: For best results, get to work as soon as you can. The longer sand sits on the interior, the better chance it has of becoming ground into the carpet and upholstery, making it more difficult to remove.
  2. Just Beat It: Remove your floor mats and suspend them from a clothesline or  over a railing. Take the end of a broom and hit the mats to get the loose sand to fall off.
  3. Comb it Over: Take a wire bristle brush and rake it over the areas where the sand has set in. This will help release any more stubborn particles.
  4. Bring Out the Vacuum: Now, it’s time to whip out the trusty vacuum. As you vacuum, continue using your wire brush to bring out more sand. Keep going this way until all the sand is gone.

We hope our tips help you to leave the sand behind and finish out the rest of the summer with a clean car!