Gifts to Give Your Car (or a Car Enthusiast) this Holiday

Car carrying a Christmas tree in a miniature evergreen forestBrainstorming ideas for gifts can be challenging. But we have a new angle you may not have considered: gifts for the car.

We’ve broken our auto gift guide into 2 categories: gifts for people who spend a lot of time in their cars, and gifts for your car!

5 Gifts for People Who Spend Lots of Time in the Car

If you know someone who has an extra-long commute or someone who spends a lot of time shuttling little ones around, consider purchasing them a gift that will make the time they spend in their vehicle more enjoyable.

  1. Driving Shoes: If you’re buying a gift for someone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel, they might appreciate having special shoes to wear while driving. Driving shoes are designed to give you extra grip on your pedals and stay comfortable while driving.
  2. Car Garbage Bags: Someone who likes things to stay neat and orderly will likely enjoy having a trash bag designated for the car. If you shop around, you can find special bags designed to hook on the back of seats or nest neatly behind your center console.
  3. Phone Holder: Special tools for securing your phone can help keep drivers safe when using their phone for directions.
  4. Backseat Car Organizer: Look for an organizer that hooks on the back of the front seat. This will help parents of young children keep things like snacks, wipes, and toys organized while in the car.
  5. Air Fresheners: This is a small, easy gift that can go a long way.

5 Gifts for Your Car

Our cars take a beating throughout the year — especially in winter. While you’re out getting gifts to spoil others this season, don’t forget that your car needs love too. These 5 gifts will show your car some love, and will make life easier for you, too!

  1. All-Season Floor Mats: One of the worst things about driving in the winter is when snow and rain make their way inside your car. Not only will your floor end up soaked, often it stains and begins to grow mold. Rubber floor mats will protect your carpet from the weather, as well as any other spills that might occur.
  2. New Tires: We often fail to check the condition of our tires until there is a serious problem. However, we have to seriously rely on our tires when driving in bad weather. As winter approaches, be sure to check the condition of your tires and replace them if the tread is too bare. Head into the snow with your best defense.
  3. An Auto Detail: Sleet. Sludge. Salt. All of these things take a toll on your vehicle. If not properly taken care of, they could cause some serious damage. It’s especially inconvenient to perform a thorough cleaning yourself in the winter, so you might consider purchasing a professional detail.  At Direct Paint and Collision, our detailing services include carpet vacuuming and shampooing, wheel and rim polishing, paint touch-ups, and buffing.
  4. New Windshield Wipers: Even if it never rains, windshield wipers only last six months to a year. Don’t wait until you’re squinting through a snowstorm to decide its time to replace yours. Your car deserves better than deteriorating bits of rubber, and so does its driver.
  5. Auto Care Kit: Of course, another great gift is the catch-all kit of odds and ends you’re bound to need at some point during your travels. This might include road flares or an empty gasoline container, or things to keep it clean like a new microfiber cloth and cleaning solution.

When you’re loading your car with gifts this holiday, don’t forget your vehicle may deserve a few of its own.