Does Speeding Really Get You There Faster?

You woke up late, it’s raining, or you hit traffic — whatever the reason, you’re running behind schedule and are in a hurry. The road opens up and you’re ready to hit the gas, but will speeding actually benefit your commute?

Is risking a traffic ticket or car accident worth going a few miles over the speed limit? In hindsight, most of us would probably agree that it isn’t. However, speeding can be pretty tempting in the moment. Luckily, AAA did some math that will definitely make us think twice in the future.

The following formulas are based on a 30-mile trip at a constant speed:

55 miles per hour = 32.7 minutes
65 miles per hour = 27.7 minutes (5 minutes saved)
75 miles per hour = 24 minutes (8.7 minutes saved)

Since most commutes require stops at signs and lights, you’re probably saving even less time. This really makes you consider if saving 8 minutes is worth a few hundred dollars in speeding fines. Additionally, speeding is involved in 33% of all fatal car accidents. When we drive faster, we reduce our reaction time and the likelihood we can avoid a potential crash.

Will this math make you rethink your speedy driving?

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