Securing your Christmas Tree For a Safe Trip Home

When preoccupied with holiday cheer, sometimes we forget about the not-so-cheerful things, like driving safety. Winter weather can sometimes make for some treacherous driving conditions, but even more so when transporting your newly purchased Christmas tree home from the lot. Remember the following tips to ensure your holiday season remains cheery and bright.

1. For optimum safety, use ratchet strips instead of bungee cords to secure your tree in the trunk or on the roof. Commonly used by bicyclists, these straps remain sturdier on impact than bungee cords.

2. Be sure that the trunk of the tree is facing forward and the top of the tree is closer to, or inside, the trunk. This will keep most of the weight centered for any turns or stops. Still, you should drive slow and maintain a safe distance between yourself and other cars.

3. Place a blanket or towel beneath your tree. This will prevent pine needles from scratching away paint on your roof or falling all over your backseat/trunk.

Keep these tips in mind and remember to have fun when choosing your tree. If you’re unsure of where to find the perfect one, check out a spot at the corner of Lancaster and Ardmore Avenues in Ardmore or Linvilla Orchards in Middletown Township.