Change your Clocks and your Driving Habits

With the recent clock change, your commute home from work may now be under the dim moonlight.

Drivers should be alert, as the darkened commute makes it much more difficult to spot pedestrians. According to PennDOT, in 2012, close to 13 percent of all traffic fatalities involved pedestrians (169 fatalities). 65 percent of these fatalities occurred in non-daylight hours.

AAA recommends some the following safety tips:

For Drivers

  • Slow down.
  • Turn on your headlights.
  • Keep vehicle headlights and windows clean.
  • Remember to yield right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Do not pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks.

For Pedestrians/Bikers

  •  Cross only at intersections.
  • Avoid walking in traffic where there are no sidewalks or crosswalks.
  • Wear bright colors or reflective clothing if you are walking near traffic at night. Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark.
  • While walking, avoid listening to your iPod or MP3 player or make sure it is at a low volume so you can hear danger approaching.