Accidents Happen: 2013 PA Crash Statistics

What are drivers in Pennsylvania hitting the most? Take a look at the stats from last year’s crashes.

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After reviewing some data from PennDOT’s 2013 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics Book, it’s clear that Pennsylvania drivers face many roadblocks.

We used 2013’s data to compile this information, depicting what drivers hit most.

Other PennDOT stats:

On Average in Pennsylvania:

  • Each day 340 reportable traffic crashes occurred (about 14 crashes every hour).
  • Each day 3 persons were killed in reportable traffic crashes (one death every 7 hours).
  • Each day 228 persons were injured in reportable crashes (about 9 injuries every hour).

Based on Pennsylvania’s 2013 population (12,773,801 people):

  • 1 out of every 45 people was involved in a reportable traffic crash.
  • 1 out of every 10,574 people was killed in a reportable traffic crash.
  • 1 out of every 154 people was injured in a reportable traffic crash.

At Direct Paint, we urge all PA drivers to use caution on the road. We also recommend keeping an accident checklist in your car in case of emergency. Sign Up for Our Newsletter & Download the Direct Paint & Collision Accident Checklist.