Maintenance for your Next Vacation

Summer is winding down, but many of us still have family vacations to get excited for. As fun and relaxing as they may be, vacations can also be rough on our cars. We tend to put a lot of miles on them and park them in the salty air. Not to mention, the car will likely get filled with sand.

That’s why we’ve compiled some simple maintenance tips to prep your vehicle for the journey. The following will help to keep you on track during your travels:

  • Check the Battery: Search your battery for corrosion and consider replacing if more than 3 years old.
  • Oil it Up: Check your oil and change if needed. Your owner’s manual can tell you often you need to change the oil.
  • Sort Out Your Tires: Look for even wearing, correct air pressure, and plenty of tread depth on your tires. Try this simple test. Wedge a penny in your tire tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, the tires are worn out.
  • How Are Your Wipers?: Assess the conditions of your wiper blades and wiper fluid. Typically, wiper blades have a lifespan of about one year.
  • Be Prepared: Be sure you have your spare tire in the vehicle, and that it is properly inflated. Make sure you have the tools needed to change a tire, as well as other emergency supplies like jumper cables, car manual, tire pressure gauge, and first aid kit.

We hope these tips help you to better enjoy your vacation. Imagine how much fun having car trouble with a car full of kids on the way to the shore would be…or not.

If you do encounter trouble on the road, we offer superior service and auto bodywork.