Local Car Crime Spree

If you haven’t been locking your car doors, this might give you a reason to change that. Last week, 5 vehicle owners reported that items had been stolen  from their cars within a 7 hour time period. Not a single one of these cases involved a break in.

The robbery’s itinerary and stolen items for the day looks like this:

3:38 p.m.– a GPS, three extension cords

4:23 p.m.– $100, an iPad and a checkbook

5:23 p.m. – sunglasses, loose change and an iPhone charger

6:37 p.m. – GPS, loose change and 10 sets of Phillies tickets

9:44 p.m. – $60, a gas card and a cell phone

For more information about the locations, read the Patch article.

In the meantime, keep those doors locked and valuables out of sight. Even leaving your car unlocked for a few minutes could result in theft.

If you’ve managed not to have anything stolen, reward yourself and your car with a spring auto detailing.