38 Percent of Consumers Don’t Trust the Car Mechanic, Studies Show

According to a recent RepairPal survey, 38 percent of consumers who own or lease a vehicle worry that they can not trust the mechanic. Additionally, 66 percent of drivers think that they have been ripped off by a repair shop.

Almost half of the studied consumers said that they would rather do their taxes by hand than get their car repaired. All of this added anxiety of dealing with repair shops causes many consumers to wait as long as possible, which may in turn create more problems.

Direct Paint and Collision recommends that drivers always have a Havertown auto body shop that they can trust. When it comes to collision repairs, you’ll have no choice but to call around to different local shops.

First, always have an accident checklist in your car just in case. Determine which local auto body shops offer services that you need and take a look at local reviews too. Then keep a few shop phone numbers on your accident checklist.  That way you’ll already know a little about the shop so you’ll be prepared to make a decision.

At Direct Paint and Collision, we make the post-collision process as painless as possible. We’ll deal with your insurance company and repair your vehicle. We build lasting relationships with our customers in an effort to combat the distrust of mechanics.