Keep Your Car Running Smoothly This Winter

Keep your car running in winterWinter is a tough time for your car. The gritty salt on the road can damage your paint job. The cold temperatures are hard on your engine, slowing down fluids and causing rubber parts to shrink down.

It’s important to give your vehicle the extra upkeep it needs in the cold season. Our tips will prevent damage to your car and allow you to enjoy your vehicle, now and after the snow and ice has melted away.

Protect Your Car From Winter’s Wrath

  1. Keep your gas tank half full. Don’t let your tank empty out, especially when severe weather is on the way. When you find yourself stranded in the cold and have to wait for help to arrive, you’ll be thankful if you can run your engine. Add our number to your mobile contacts, while you’re at it. You never know when you might need to use our 24/7 towing services.
  2. Switch your tires. In southeast Pennsylvania, temperatures regularly fall below 45 degrees, the temperature range when special winterized tires are recommended. These tires will help you maintain traction on the road when you’re braking and turning.
  3. Shed some light. During the winter, we have less daylight. Many of us spend the colder months commuting home in the dark. Now is a good time to make sure your lights are in great shape and illuminating the road as well as possible.
  4. Washing your car? Be careful. Salt keeps us safe on the road, but it coats your vehicle in a grimy white layer that can corrode your paint. If you try and wash your car yourself, you run the risk of scraping your auto body. Automatic car washes are a bad idea this time of year, since lingering bits of salt from previous customers can scratch your paint job.  It’s better to leave things to the professionals and contact us for an appointment.
  5. Check tire pressure each week. For every ten degree temperature drop, tires lose about a pound of pressure. Driving on tires with too-low pressure can wear them down quickly.
  6. Keep windshield wipers in good shape. Don’t let your blades freeze to the windshield! Raise your wipers off the windshield when parking outdoors, and never use them to remove ice and snow from the windshield.