10 Tips to Reduce Your Monthly Gas Costs

high gas pricesRecords are being set all over the country – and not in a good way. Gas prices over the last three months have been steadily climbing, but fortunately – it looks like they may be holding steady for a bit. Even if prices remain stagnant, that still means that most of the country is paying an average of $4/gallon for regular, unleaded gasoline.

Add that to record inflation, and most families are feeling the pinch in their pockets. Here are some great tips on saving money at the pump and making the fuel you do have go further.

  1. Always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure.
  2. Make sure your fluids (coolants, oil, etc.) are at an adequate level.
  3. Never tailgate in traffic. Instead, allow several car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can coast into a stop.
  4. Try to keep your highest speed at around 60 mph.
  5. Take anything out of the trunk that you don’t need. AAA says you save two percent fuel economy for every 100 pounds removed.
  6. Avoid drive-throughs. Instead, just park and walk into the store.
  7. Make sure you turn your engine off if you’re parked and waiting outside of the kids’ school or a friend’s house.
  8. Check your local supermarkets for frequent shopping discounts that can be used at the gas pump.
  9. Instead of driving from place-to-place searching for the best gas prices, download an app like Gas Buddy. This app uses your location to help you locate the most affordable fuel in your area. You can filter by fuel grade, price, distance, and more.
  10. Consolidate your errands whenever possible to reduce the number of miles driven.

Although these tips may not create a drastic change, the small savings will quickly add up. The old saying is ‘every little bit helps’ and that could not be more true in this current financial climate.