June is National Safety Month

While you may not have realized it, the National Safety Council declares June to be National Safety Month.

While Direct Paint & Collision is happy to help you through a car accident, we also encourage everyone to think about following some safe defensive driving tips.

Motor vehicle crashes are the 9th leading cause of death globally. As a driver, you must always be alert because you never know when a potential accident will occur. Make sure you aren’t developing any dangerous driving habits.

Direct Paint’s Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips

1. Scan ahead. It’s way too easy to zone out and focus only on the road directly in front of you, but it’s important to always focus at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead of you.

2. Avoid careless drivers. If you notice an erratic or aggressive driver on the road, don’t put yourself at risk to give them “a taste of their own medicine.” Pull over and report them if necessary.

3. Consider the weather. If it’s clearly a mess outside then give yourself some extra travel time. Remember that driving in inclement weather means reducing your speed and maintaining a safe following distance.

4. Make yourself visible. Too many accidents occur because a driver ends up in another driver’s blind spot.  Make yourself as visible as possible at all times.

5. Avoid Out-of-Towners. While this isn’t true in all cases, many drivers who have out-of-state plates or are driving a rental car may not drive as well because they are unfamiliar with the area. Avoid these cars. Also avoid drivers distracted by a map or phone.

If you do end up in an accident, you can rely on us for Havertown collision repair.