Top 5 Reasons to Fix Your Garage Flooring

Take a second to visualize your garage.

If you are like many Americans, then you are probably imagining clutter, damaged concrete, and you might also be overcome with a feeling of extreme heat.

It’s true that the summer months take quite the beating on your car, especially with extreme temperatures and humidity, and long vacation drives.

We recommend that if you own a garage, then you should consider a concrete floor coating. In fact, we are so certain of it that we have compiled our top 5 reasons for choosing to spend a little extra time into improving your garage floor surface.

1. Less Maintenance: An aging floor must endure weathering and a variety of leaking oils and chemicals. With a quality coating installation, a concrete floor receives added insulation from heat and cold that lessens the chance of a crack developing.

2. Spill Prevention: Obviously a garage flooring surface will see its share of spills, especially if you like to work on your repairs in your garage. A surface that is properly sealed and coated is an easy cleanup that can be removed with simple mopping.

3. Customization: Concrete polishing leaves you with many options. With a variety of color options, you can choose a color that compliments your car.

4. Safety: Most flooring surfaces come with the risk of being slippery, but concrete is a safe option. Plus, concrete polishes, like GLOSSCRETE ™, create a more resistant surface that results in less slip hazards.

5. Insurance Discount: Many insurance agents offer theft-deterrent discounts for cars kept in garages or that have a properly installed security system. This varies so speak to your insurance agent. Take the extra time to clean out your garage, fix up the flooring, and you’ll be more inclined to trust that your car will be well protected.

Before you jump into garage floor coatings, it’s best to determine the current state of your surfaces, as certain processes can help to restore and renew concrete.

Surface shot blasting, which involves blasting small steel balls at a high velocity against a concrete surface, helps to prepare a surface. This is often followed by diamond grinding, which cleans and reveals a smooth surface. From there, you have the option to choose from a number of floor coating and polishing options.

This post is sponsored by Shot Blast Inc., the concrete floor specialists, located in Marcus Hook.