What to Pack in Your Car for Your Drive to the Shore

photo of the Jersey ShoreThere’s still another month left of summer with Labor Day coming around the corner in no time! In these last weeks of summer, many of us are planning our final trips to the Jersey shore before it’s back-to-school season.

The drive to the beach can be rough, so we’ve put together this list of items to pack with you to help you deal with the traffic. Also, don’t forget to check out our 5 other tips for pleasant travels.

8 Road-Trip Essentials for Driving to the Beach

  1. Emergency Essentials: It’s always important to have things like jumper cables, a spare tire, and an owner’s manual, no matter how long your drive.
  2. Water & Snacks: Staying hydrated will keep you feeling good, and it’s especially important with all the time you will soon be spending in the sun. Pack some healthy snacks, like popcorn, dried fruit, and nuts to help keep you fueled while avoiding the temptation of gas station junk.
  3. Laundry Basket: Though it may seem like an odd thing to include on this list, hear us out! When you have sandy gear you need to transport, loading it up in a laundry basket will help cut down on the sand that gets ingrained in your interior. If you do end up with sand in your car, check out our guide for removing sand.
  4. Wet Wipes, Tissues, and a Bag for Garbage: Messy hands and runny noses begone! This will go a long way toward keeping your vehicle clean and organized.  An old shopping bag works well for herding the garbage and keeping it off your floor.
  5. Sunglasses: Harsh glares can make your drive very uncomfortable. Having sunglasses on hand is an easy way to combat this.
  6. Reliable Maps App: Having a reliable maps app downloaded on your smartphone can be helpful when navigating your journey. Apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are great for avoiding traffic and accidents and finding the fastest route to your destination. It also helps to have a hands-free phone mount and a car charger. But remember, you should be keeping your focus on the road! Be sure to designate a passenger as the official navigator of the trip.
  7. Entertainment: Make your road trip more bearable with DVDs and coloring books for the kids, and music, podcasts, audiobooks, or comedy for you.
  8. Tylenol or Advil: Don’t forget these! You’ll thank us later. Another great way to manage pain while driving is to make sure you’re driving with good posture.