Caring for Your Car’s Paint: Dos and Don’ts

peeling car paintThe one thing that can make your car look broken down (even if it isn’t) is the shape of the exterior and the condition of the paint. Dents, rust, and paint chips all make vehicles look older and in disrepair. Whether you are making payments on your vehicle, or you own it outright, you can help keep the body of the car looking new and honor your auto investment by following these dos and don’ts.

The ‘Dos’ of Exterior Car Care

Depending on how much you love your car (you’re in good company if you gave it a name and cherish it like family – we get it), you may fall on a spectrum of car care. Most people want their vehicles to look presentable, even if there are some minor cosmetic flaws. Here are some tips to keep your car’s exterior in tip-top shape:

  • Use a Touchless Wash. No, you don’t have to handwash your car with a microfiber towel(that would be BEST practice) but using a touchless wash will keep your paint looking nice. Carwashes that use abrasive brushes can cause tiny scratches in the surface of your paint because it rubs the tiny dirt particles against it. While you may not see these imperfections right away, the more you use these carwashes, the bigger the damage becomes. More and more carwashes are becoming touchless – so be sure you choose one the next time your car needs a cleaning.
  • Protect What’s Underneath. Your car’s paint can actually become damaged if the undercarriage of your car begins to rust. The rust will eat upward and consume your car’s paint from below. You can protect your undercarriage by rustproofing with an auto shop or a professional detailer.
  • Wash Frequently. It is important to wash your car often because even if you do your due diligence in caring for your car, the elements will still get after it. Salt spread over highways during winter will eat the paint of your car, in addition to the mud, gravel, and dust that your car sees daily – it is important to wash your vehicle at least weekly to avoid permanent damage to the paint. Wash your car immediately if you have driven on salted highways and roads.
  • Add Waxing. It may sound time-consuming, but waxing your vehicle’s exterior will help preserve the paint. Try adding a coat of wax after your car’s next wash to help it stay shiny and looking new.

The ‘Don’ts’

While there are a lot of things you can do to help keep your car’s paint in great shape, there are also some practices you should avoid.

  • Avoid the Sunshine. Sun will fade your car’s paint over time, so utilize shaded areas or park in garages.
  • Bye Bye Birdie. Bird poop is the ultimate nemesis for your car’s paint, and boy do those birds love to use it as target practice. Bird poop is acidic, which damages the paint – so avoid parking under trees or powerlines. If you do notice some bird poop – clean it off immediately.
  • Don’t Leave the Mess. Whether bird poop or egging, leaving the mess on your car will cause the paint to fade, chip, or be eaten away. If you notice anything on your car’s exterior, best practice is always to wash it as soon as you can.

Got Paint Problems?

At Direct Paint – we can help renew your car’s lifeless exterior. If you have noticed damage to your vehicle’s paint, fading, or just want to give it some new life, contact us. We would be happy to show you the best practices of exterior car care.