YMCA Conducts Traffic Study

As we mentioned before, a new set of traffic lights is being installed near the new Haverford-area YMCA.

While some residents support the new light, others are concerned by the impact it will have on traffic.

Dan Siegel, 4th Ward Commissioner, is one of the concerned individuals.

He posted on the 4Haverford website, “Because the Y did not address this concern sufficiently to me in its materials, I urged the Planning Commission to take action to address the residents’ concerns and to do whatever possible to prevent further traffic into the residential neighborhoods.”

Thus, the Planning Commission is requiring the YMCA to conduct a traffic study of the current traffic in the area, including the areas bordered by Ellis Road, Darby Road, Lawrence Road, Hillcrest Avenue, and other local streets.

Then the YMCA will study traffic patterns 6 months after opening day and compare the results.

Siegel writes, “The Y will then be required to report to the township its findings and to either remediate any additional traffic or make recommendations to the township for how to do so. This is essentially the same requirement the Planning Commission imposed on the developers of the Quarry Shopping Center on Township Line Road to address the concerns of residents in that neighborhood.”