Were you a Victim of Hail Damage?

downloadIt will probably be a while before any of us forget the images of golf-ball-sized hail that plagued parts of Pennsylvania just last month. These chunks of ice suddenly came crashing down, leaving a decent amount of destruction in their wake.

In Allentown and surrounding areas, there was enough hail to require plowing. Reading hail totaled over 2″ in some places. Such extensive hailing was shocking — especially for a May thunderstorm!

The exact numbers for car damage won’t be known for some time because many people wait before making a claim to insurance. However, auto body shops are now packed with vehicles awaiting windshield and dent repair. While the volume of calls isn’t nearly as bad as the hail storm a few years back, business is definitely booming more than usual.

If your vehicle was damaged by hail, you’re probably more concerned with cost. The good news is most major insurance companies consider hail damage “an act of nature,” meaning it’s covered under many comprehensive plans. Additionally, we here at Direct Paint perform paintless dent repair whenever possible so that your vehicle can retain its factory finish. Many auto body shops prefer to replace damaged panels and repaint, which reduces the value of your vehicle.

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