Storm Aftermath

After Winter Storm Pax just made its way through the area, we are all left to deal with the aftermath. In many cases this means lots of snow and ice, but for others it means down power lines and fallen trees. But what do you do if one of these items causes damage to your vehicle? Here are some tips to navigate you through a confusing and stressful process:

According to AAA, you should file a claim using your policy’s comprehensive coverage should a tree limb fall on your car. However, you should contact your insurance company and take pictures of the damage before you attempt to get it repaired. Additionally, vehicle damage caused by severe weather such as flooding or heavy winds is typically covered under an optional part of your auto policy.

If you are driving on ice and cause damage to someone else’s property, your property damage liability coverage should cover these costs. This is also true for public property such as traffic lights or buildings. If your vehicle is damaged from flipping over, riding over potholes, or colliding with another car, your collision coverage should then pay for the damages.

Of course, you should bring your car to a professional if it has sustained any flood damage. It may not be safe to drive.

As always you should contact us for collision repair, auto detailing, or paint jobs needed after bad weather. We also offer 24 hour towing services from our Havertown location. Contact us if this winter weather has caused damage to your vehicle.