Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

man cleaning carAfter fall and winter in the Northeast, odds are your car might not be at its cleanest coming into the beginning of spring. Thankfully, cleaning up your car is quite a bit easier and less time-consuming than tidying up a home (another spring project you’re probably tackling). After following these few simple tips, everything from your morning commute to your summer road trip will be clean and fresh!

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car

1. Time To Reflect (Wiping Down Windows and Mirrors): After months of snow, rain – and then a little more snow – your car’s reflective surfaces may need a bit of attention. Typically this is the case, but 2023 didn’t bring much snow to our area! If you were in an area with some wintry mixes, get some glass cleaner and get the shine back on your windows, rearview mirror, and side mirrors. It probably wouldn’t hurt to clean off the background camera lens(es) while you’re at it.

2. Looking Inwards (Cleaning the Interior): The winter has likely been responsible for dirt, mud, and other debris making its way into your car. Get in there and remove the biggest pieces with your hands and then follow up with some vacuuming of your car’s carpets and seats (don’t forget the trunk!). Finish up with wipe down using a damp towel to remove the first layer or two of pollen that might’ve snuck in on that first glorious 60° day.

3. Surface Level Beauty (Washing the Exterior): Giving your car an all-around exterior wash is almost certainly going to be a necessity after even the calmest of winters. With road salt, wet leaves, rain, and snow rubbing elbows with your car . . . you’ll want to get your car’s shine back as the sun starts making more frequent appearances. Don’t forget to check the various nooks and crannies to make sure there isn’t any leftover debris!

4. Opening Up (Checking the Hood and Trunk): Removing any unneeded items from your trunk and making sure nothing is amiss or needs tuning up under the hood will give you extra peace of mind (and storage space) for the coming spring and summer.

5. Out With The Old (Replacement Parts and Pieces): Give your car the ‘once over’ by making sure everything from the tires to the windshield wipers are still in working order. Take note of any parts that might need some extra attention or replacement after the winter weather and get them cleaned up or swapped out.

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

For many of us, taking care of our car helps us feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. When the unfortunate happens, like a fender bender or collision, it can really throw life off. Contact us today if you need help getting your car back in tip-top shape. We are I-Car Platinum Certified and can handle body repairs for any make and model.