Potholes Plaguing Havertown and the Surrounding Area

PotholesAs we’re sure you’ve noticed, local roads are looking more and more like obstacle courses lately thanks to the myriads of potholes. In some areas, the morning commute follows a zig-zagging pattern within each respective lane. Not only are the potholes inconvenient, but they’re also dangerous. Try your best to avoid them.

If you can’t completely avoid a pothole, drive through as slowly as possible. According to 6 ABC, PennDOT has been patching 60-70 highways every week in order to keep them at bay.

Potholes Can Cause Serious Damage

Even if you’re capable of changing your own tire, you should be aware that potholes can cause much more extensive damage. Other common damages include:

  • Suspension damage
  • Steering misalignment
  • Bent or dented rims
  • Exhaust system issues
  • Engine damage

If you suspect your vehicle has sustained serious damage, bring it to a mechanic right away. Here at Direct Paint, we’re able to handle collision repair.