Life Hacks for Your Car in Winter

Have you ever come across a life hacks page online? Well, we decided to come up with a few hacks of our own to help with annoying winter driving. We hope these simple tricks make your icy travels a bit smoother.

1. Frozen windshield wipers?

Soak the blade in rubbing alcohol to keep it from freezing to your windshield. Not only will it stop the freezing, but the alcohol will also cut grime to stop squeaking in warmer weather.

2. Icy door lock?

If your lock freezes, don’t waste time and energy fiddling with your keys. Instead, squirt some hand sanitizer into the keyhole and you’ll be on your way in no time.

3. Foggy headlights?

If your headlights seem a bit foggy, don’t waste money on a professional-grade cleaning. Instead, grab some toothpaste from your bathroom and go to town. Rub it on with a cloth and wash the toothpaste off with water. You’ll be impressed with how well it works.

4. Stuck in the snow?

We’ve all been there. Late for work, ready to go, but your tires keep spinning in the snow and ice. Most professionals recommend carrying kitty litter to give yourself traction, but if you’re unprepared you can always use a floor mat. Place it under your tire with the rubber side facing up to get moving.

5. Scraping too many windows?

Clawing at ice in the mornings can get old fast. Instead use an area rug or rubber bath mat to shield your windows from the ice and snow. You can just toss it in the trunk and go. This item could even be reused during life hack number four.

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