How To Properly Store Your Car During COVID-19

Animated blue car infront of an animated garageDue to COVID-19 you are probably finding yourself using your car less and less. During this time it is important to protect your car. We’ve come up with a list to ensure the safety of your car when it’s not in use!

How To Protect Your Car During COVID-19

  1. Do not use your parking brake. Having your parking brake on for an extended period of time can result in the brake pads getting stuck to the disc or drums.
  2. Clean the interior and exterior of your car. This may seem obvious for some people but it is an important tip! Make sure you remove any trash, wrappers, and water bottles. These may rot and attract pests that eventually will damage floor mats, seat covers and wiring. The exterior is just as important as the interior. Take some time out of your day to wash your car. Keep in mind that any bird droppings or grime can ruin your paint! Plus, with pollen season on its way in, you’ll also want to clear that off your car.
  3. Park indoors or use a car cover. A garage is a great place to store your car. This will protect it and keep it at a temperature that’s stable. If you have to leave your car outdoors, consider purchasing a weatherproof car cover: this will keep your car clean and dry. Avoid using a car cover if your car is inside a garage, as this can create moisture in between the car and the cover.
  4. Fill up the fuel tank. A big problem when leaving your car unattended is rusting on the inside of your fuel tank. The best way to avoid this is to fill the tank.
  5. Check tire pressure. It is important to make sure that the tires are at the correct pressure. The proper pressure will help prevent cracking on the sidewalls and flat spots.
    Turn the car on from time to time. To ensure the safety of your car’s battery, you should run the car from time to time. But be sure to remove the car from the garage or covering before you do this!

These tips are great for a family’s spare car that you definitely won’t be using during this time, or your everyday car!

If you’re still using the car to run your essential errands, tweak these tips as needed. If you can, take your car for a weekly ride to keep it in tip top shape.