Disposing of Auto Parts

Did you miss the chance to give your car a nice spring cleaning? Lucky for you, now is just as good a time as any to get your car cleaned up.

If your car is beyond repair and you are living in a state of denial, unwilling to push your vehicle to work everyday, then it’s probably time to figure out your next steps.

First find out if it’s worth it to sell the car to a dealership or a service like Carmax. You can also consider getting an auto detail to freshen up the car.

If it’s definitely a goner, you have other options. Visit a local scrapyard that will give you money in exchange for metals and car parts.

Roll-Off Dumpster Direct

If you are doing a full home and car clean-out, you may be able to dispose of auto parts in a rental dumpster.Visit our FAQ page to find out what items are prohibited. Additionally, contact your local recycling center to find out if your car parts could be re-purposed.

Visit Earth 911 for more information about recycling various car parts.

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