Confused by the Dashboard Light?

We all experience it every once in a while. We’re innocently driving along when a little icon lights up on the dashboard. At first you feel panicked, but then you start to wonder if this is really an issue that requires your immediate attention. And which lights mean it’s unsafe to continue driving? In this post, we at Direct Paint and Collision hope to inform you about your dashboard lights and give some guidance so you can get these issues safely taken care of.

Check Engine Light

This light illuminates when an issue is affecting your car’s exhaust emissions. While there is no need to drive immediately to the nearest auto repair shop, you should definitely make an appointment in the near future. However, if the light begins to flash you should seek immediate service from an auto repair professional.

Oil Pressure Light

This light may be a symbol or simply the word oil. If it turns on, that means there is an issue with the oil pressure in your vehicle and that there is a possibility of serious mechanical damage. Once this light comes on, you should pull over at the earliest possibility and call for roadside assistance.

Charging System Light

Typically, this light looks like a battery. If it comes on, you should turn off any unnecessary electrical components like a GPS system or the radio and head to a mechanic. If your battery is no longer being supplied power, you may have trouble starting the car once it is turned off. In that case, you would need a jumpstart and possible work on your battery.

We hope these descriptions help minimize your panic and keep you safe when on the road. If you end up in an accident in the Havertown area, be sure to call us for towing and collision repair.