Black Friday Driving Tips

Did you know the name Black Friday originated in our very own Philadelphia? It was originally used to describe the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the day after Thanksgiving.

Now, we don’t blame you for putting your life in danger of anxious, overly-caffeinated shoppers running on nothing more than a few hours of sleep and a belly full of turkey, because we have all participated in the madness at some point. Who doesn’t love great deals and the not-so-subtle unwrapping of the holiday spirit in the form of bright lights and giant Christmas trees?

The truth is that the most terrifying part of Black Friday is the driving, especially those parking lots. Nothing can put a damper on your holiday spirit quite like a car accident. That being said, here are some of our Black Friday Driving Tips to keep in mind:

On the Road

  • Stay alert. Many other drivers are going off little to no sleep, so pay attention and drive defensively. Don’t position yourself near an erratic driver.
  • Put the phone down. Of course you want to use all your deal-hunting apps while simultaneously sending a text to your kids, but don’t do it. Distractions can wait.
  • Maintain a distance. You also might be tired yourself, so leave extra room between you and the car in front of you.

In the Parking Lot

  • Park at the side entrance. Many malls and bigger stores have side entrances that are less crowded. It will be easier to get in and out without running into problems.
  • Walk off the side dishes. Don’t wait around for the best spot in the parking lot. Parking a little farther away may mean more walking, but the spots will be less crowded and easier to manage.
  • Use your headlights. Even during the daytime, keeping your headlights on reduces your crash risk.

Be safe and take our advice. You could just avoid the day altogether and buy yourself (or your loved ones) a new auto paint job from Direct Paint.

If you do end up with a Black Friday accident, be sure to give us a call.