It’s a Bad Commuting Summer for the Tri-State Area

Summer 2014 is shaping up to be a difficult one for commuters all over the Tri-State area. Between construction on I-95 in Pennsylvania, the temporary closing of the I-495 bridge in Delaware, and work on the Ben Franklin Bridge, commuters just can’t catch a break.

What’s worse, all of this congestion will force more people onto public transportation. It’s safe to say you can expect packed and delayed trains for some time, especially for those coming from Jersey.

The Delaware Port Authority and PATCO are replacing train tracks on the PATCO Speedline for the first time since the 1980’s while simultaneously working on electric lines that in some cases were installed in the 1930’s. This is all part of the $103 million overhaul that began back in February.

The southbound tracks as well as a few lanes on the Ben Franklin Bridge are now closed, as you may have noticed during your own commute. When this is finished, the same work will be done to the northbound side. All in all, this construction is expected to last for four months.

For the time being, officials are recommending that Jersey commuters telecommute as much as possible or try some of the alternate routes like the Betsy Ross Bridge. That is, if you haven’t already found a route you’re comfortable with. While all bosses should be advised that delays are expected, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Direct Paint and Collision wishes you the best on your daily commute!