Automakers Now Required to Install Rearview Cameras

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed a new rule that will raise safety standards for all vehicles built beginning May 1, 2018. Every car, van, truck, and SUV will be made with rear-view visibility systems giving the driver a field of vision measuring at least 10 by 20 feet. The proposal becomes final May 30, 2014.

The new rule comes after heartfelt urging by groups and families affected by back-over accidents. The most memorable of which involved children. The Boston Globe quotes back-over accidents as responsible for 210 death and 15,000 injuries each year. The victims of these accidents tend to be children under the age of 5 or adults over the age of 70. The rule is part of the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act and is expected to save 13 to 15 lives each year. By 2054, NHTSA estimates it could save up to 69 lives a year. The act is named after a 2-year-old boy who was backed-over by his father in their driveway in 2002.

Congress originally intended the rule to be in effect by 2011, but it was held up by disagreements over the details. However, a team of car safety advocates and parents sued the Obama Administration in September to get the ball rolling.

At Direct Paint, we always believe in safety first. For more information about safe driving, read our dangerous driving habits post.