5 Ways to Save on Gas

Save on gasWe all want to save money. And when we’re out on the open road, a little thriftiness can go a long way. Gas can be a major expense, so it’s wise to maximize its efficiency in any small way you can.

The budget-conscious among us know how to alter their driving so that we can keep our money in the bank and out of the tank. Below, you will find our 5 secrets for saving on gas.

Our Top Five Ways to Save Money on Gas

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle: When your vehicle’s running smoothly, it’s using gas efficiently, so keep you engine tuned, filters cleaned, and oil fresh. Monitor your tires, too. Properly inflated tires produce less friction, resulting in better mileage.
  2. Turn Off the Air Conditioning: Parking in the shade and rolling down the windows are much easier on the gas tank.
  3. Use the Cruise Control or a Manual Transmission: Using the cruise control can help you maintain speed consistently, which saves on gas. If you don’t have cruise control, try to maintain a consistent pace. If you drive a manual transmission, that’s even better! Stick shifts are more fuel efficient than automatics. If you’re hunting for a new car with high miles per gallon, this may be something to consider.
  4. Choose Routes Wisely: Stop-and-go traffic wastes gas, so if you can choose between more than one route, choose the one with fewer stop signs and traffic lights.
  5. Plan Ahead on Long Trips: If you are planning a trip across multiple states, do your research. Due to taxes and regulations, certain states have less expensive gas prices, so avoid fueling up in the pricier ones.