5 Ways to Save on Gas

gasIt seems like no matter what anyone says, gas prices are always a big complaint among drivers.

So, what can be done to combat these high prices?

1. Download an app. Download a free phone app, like Gas Buddy, to determine the lowest gas prices in your area. It’s an easy way to save a few bucks every time you fill up.

2. Close the windows. While many people believe that the fresh air saves on fuel, it actually adds drag, using up to 10% more fuel.

3. Slow down. Don’t be a showoff. If you take 10 to 15 miles off of your speed, you can save up to 15% of fuel consumption.

4. Maintain your car. If you want your car to run as efficiently as possible then keep up with routine maintenance. Check your tire pressure, oil levels and brakes.

5. Minimize A/C use. Nobody wants to do this on a hot day, but if it’s not that hot then refrain from using the A/C or defrosters, as they use up fuel.

While gas prices hit a summer low at the beginning of July, they soon rose back up. Like our Facebook for the latest Havertown auto updates, including gas reports.


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