down draft paint boothWe execute our paint jobs inside true down draft paint booths. There are many advantages to a down draft booth including removing pollutants and foreign objects from the painting environment.

This allows us to apply the perfect paint finish and avoid over-spray. The filtration system also makes the process more environmentally friendly by keeping paint particles from entering the air.

These booths work well for any type of car. In the picture to the right, you’ll see a Lexus receiving an environmentally friendly paint job.

Painting Made Better by Down Draft Paint Booths

The down draft booths make the painting process much faster so your car is repaired quicker and you are back on the road sooner. We enjoy providing our customers with service that is both efficient and environmentally conscious.

If your vehicle is in need of a repair paint job after an accident, consider making an appointment for one of our down draft paint booths. You’ll receive a smooth, even finish that is sure to last. With our booths, you never have to worry about debris drying into the exterior.

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