Take “Preferred Shop” With a Grain of Salt

Screenshot-CNN video about insurance steeringAccidents are stressful, and when you need repairs on your car, deciding which body shop to use can be enough to put you over the edge.

It makes sense that many customers who have been in accidents look to their insurance company’s word as the be-all and end-all, but in reality, car owners have choices.

The Preferred Body Shop Is Not Your Only Option

The fact is, customers can choose to get their cars repaired by the body shop they choose. It’s important to note that when an insurance company marks a body shop as preferred, that shop may be under pressure to keep repair costs low. Unfortunately, some shops turn to questionable measures, like using inferior parts.

When body shops refuse to comply with these types of tactics, they are removed from the insurance company’s preferred list. This practice, called insurance steering, is the subject of a lawsuit that is currently underway. More than 500 auto body shops across 36 states are suing State Farm, the largest share auto insurer in the country, for deceptive practices.

CNN reported on the incident:

Trust Direct Paint to do the Job Right

Don’t be fooled–just because your insurance company says that an auto body shop is preferred, doesn’t mean it’s where you have to go.

At Direct Paint, we do everything in our power to make sure every car that leaves our shop is repaired safely and correctly.

Insurance steering is the reason why we recommend our customers to get post-repair inspections.

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