havertown car detailing

Auto Detailing

make your old car look new

When your car's paint becomes dull and your interior is dirty and worn down you will be surprised what a difference a full detailing will make to your car's appearance. Our detailing service will make your car look new inside and out. We can remove stains from the seats and carpet, touch up scratches and dings in the paint, repair rips and tears in the upholstery, and remove sand and dirt that is discoloring your entire vehicle.

Detailing Services

When we detail your vehicle we make sure that every part is cleaned or repaired to look like new.

arrow   Paint Scratch and Ding Touch Up arrow   Paint buffed and polished arrow   Carpet Vacuum and Shampoo arrow   Interior Surfaces Dusted & Cleaned arrow   Wheels and Rims Polished arrow   Stain Removal arrow   Upholstery Cleaning & Repair We send some of our difficult detailing jobs down the road to Rick's Auto Detailing.

Carpet Cleaning

The vacuum at the car wash is no substitute for a full cleaning and shampoo provided with our detailing service.auto detailing car detailing

The Finished Product

After every collision repair with Direct Paint and Collision we give your vehicle a full detail. If you have never had your car detailed you won't believe the difference it will make. You might even want to make it part of your car's yearly maintenence.havertown car detailing